‘Supernatural’ Creator Breathes Life Into ‘Deadman’ For The CW

Eric Kripke may bring the classic DC character to TV.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last fall, "Supernatural" creator, Eric Kripke was attached to a well regarded pitch to bring Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" to television. And while that series never got off the ground, Kripke may soon have a chance to adapt another DC Comics character.

Deadline is reporting that Kripke is developing a series based on "Deadman" for the CW as a possible superhero successor to "Smallville."

Created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino in 1967, "Deadman" follows Boston Brand, a circus performer who used the infamous Deadman nickname even before he was murdered and reborn as a ghost. Deadman possesses the ability to inhabit other people's bodies and he is compelled to help save them from the dangers in their own lives. Deadman has also been a perennial supporting character in the DC Universe for much of his existence; including a prominent role for him in the "Brightest Day" miniseries earlier this year.

The proposed "Deadman" TV series is also being produced by Warner Brothers TV; which is attempting to branch out beyond the traditional DC heroes and properties like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

During the last pilot season, the CW was reportedly eyeing Raven from the Teen Titans for a possible solo heroine TV series before seemingly abandoning that project.

"Deadman" will probably have an easier path to the small screen than Kripke's "Sandman" in part because there isn't a huge fan base for the character. The CW can make Deadman a young twenty-something man and not receive  the backlash it would get if it tried to do the same thing to Orpheus.

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