Gallery of Horrible Labor Day Clip Art

Perfect for an awful, last minute barbeque invite!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Are you enjoying your day off? Would you enjoy it more with some nonsensical Labor Day clip art? If you’re answering with a double “yes,” and I hope you are, then check out these ridiculous, brain-destroying Labor Day related graphics. Post them on somebody’s untouched since 2007 MySpace profile or just gawk in utter fascination


M&M’s On Labor Day

If you are having a Labor Day party without Brown M&M, you are not having a Labor Day party.  [via]


Flame-O, The Labor Day Dragon

Flame-O is giving you the traditional Labor Day sparkling rose. I am so jealous. [via]


Have Computer Sex On Labor Day?

A sexy girl with bug eyes is on her computer, wishing you a Happy Labor Day, because sure, why not? [via]


Cuddles, The Labor Day Bear

American workers are so adorable! [via]


Labor Day Fireworks

I think the artist has confused Labor Day with It Burns My Eyes Day. [via]


The Labor Day Sparkle Kid

Hey everybody, it’s the child from my nightmares! [via]


Ro-Bo, The Labor Day Robot



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