Trenched Gets a Name Change, Plus DLC

Trenched will be going by another name shortly. But who cares, we get some DLC out of it!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Soon, Trenched will no longer be called Trenched, but will instead go by Iron Brigade. The Double Fine-developed XBLA title is getting an official name change due to a copyright infringement claim in Europe. Apparently, there is another game (but not a video game) called “Trenched” already in Europe which prohibits the Double Fine title from being released in that part of the world later this month under that same name.

So, in order for the game to be released in Europe and to avoid a nasty lawsuit, Microsoft and Double Fine are changing the title’s name to Iron Brigade. The title’s name is also being changed in the States so both versions are in sync and can be played online together over Xbox Live, as Double Fine explained during the Whiskey Media Big Live Live Show Live. I know that’s confusing, but hopefully that makes sense (both the game's name change and the name of the Whiskey Media show).

But with this new identity comes fresh downloadable content for the title. Iron Brigade will receive some free DLC when the name-changing update gets applied later this month. Players can expect a new survival mode, weapons, costumes and gestures. Double Fine is also preparing more future DLC for Iron Brigade, but no details were provided.

And if you’re currently wondering if the now-called Trenched, soon-to-be-called Iron Brigade is worth your money, the short answer is yes. Our own Joey Davidson reviewed Trenched and liked it quite a bit, as things tend to go with most Double Fine releases. If you’re interested in picking it up, look for it on the XBLA marketplace as Trenched… for now.