Gary Sinise on Season 8 of CSI: NY

We talk to the veteran actor about the 9/11 themed season premiere of CSI:NY. 

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

CSI:NY - Gary Sinise

As the CBS/CW/Showtime party for the Television Critics Association was beginning, I roamed the grounds around a pagoda setup looking for stars. Who did I see but CSI: NY’s Gary Sinise. I got a few minutes alone with the Academy Award nominee before he had to go schmooze with the CBS top brass.


CraveOnline: What interesting cases are coming up this season?

Gary Sinise: Our season premiere is a knockout episode. We do a lot of backstory stuff with my character who is a 9/11 family member. He lost his wife on 9/11 at the towers so for the first time in 8 years, we get to meet her because we’re flashing back and we’re looking at that period of his life. So it’s a very powerful season opener. Who knows what else is coming down the pike.


CraveOnline: Is that all you’ve shot so far?

Gary Sinise: Yeah, we’re just getting into it. We just finished that one.


CraveOnline: Can you have imagined you’d be on TV for 8 years in a row?

Gary Sinise: I never thought about it like that. When I first started, I didn’t know how long it was going to go. Here we are eight years later and it feels like they’ve just flown by. I’m glad.


CraveOnline: I saw you for the first time around The Stand or Of Mice and Men, then the world discovered you in Forrest Gump. How do you look back at the stages of your career?

Gary Sinise: I’m in a real good place right now. I’ve done a lot of different types of things, theater, television, movies. This is the first series I’ve been on. It’s been a great eight years with the series. I love everybody I work with on the show. It’s a very comfortable atmosphere. We do good work. The network’s been behind us and been supporting us. Hopefully we’ll keep going, we’ll keep doing it for a little while. I’m happy to do it if they want me to.


CraveOnline: What keeps it fresh for you?

Gary Sinise: Oh gosh, I do so many other things on the weekends and I’m always flying around doing all kinds of stuff. I stay pretty busy and pretty active so the job is a great comfort just having it. The writers are always coming up with good stories, interesting stories to work on. I’ve had a good time on it.


CraveOnline: The base CSI has had some turnover. Do you ever see turning CSI: NY over to another leader or another crew?

Gary Sinise: That would certainly be up to the network. Right now they moved us to Friday night. That’s a tough television night. We do real well in our time slot and I’m sure we’re going to have another good season. We had a great season last year with Sela Ward coming on board for her first season. I’m sure we’re going to have another great season.


CraveOnline: Forrest Gump was such a phenomenon in the ‘90s. How do you look back on it now?

Gary Sinise: Gosh, that movie’s always on on television. It seems like it never goes away. There’s a whole new generation of kids that watch it. It’s a great movie. I was glad I was in it.