G4 Sets ‘X-Men’ Anime Premiere Date

The Mutant superhero team arrives in late October.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

After a summer of running the "Iron Man" and "Wolverine" Anime series back-to-back, G4 has announced a premiere date for the highly anticipated "X-Men" Anime series.

Beginning on Friday, October 21, the "X-Men" Anime series will inherit the 11PM time slot from "Iron Man" for 12 weeks. Based on a story by Warren Ellis, "X-Men" finds the team devastated and disbanded in the wake of a tragedy until Professor Xavier summons them to Japan to investigate the apparent disappearance of Hisako Ichiki (better known as Armor) as well as the activities of the anti-Mutant U-Men who may have finally found a way to destroy the X-Men forever.

Milo Ventimiglia will reprise his role as Wolverine and G4 has also announced that Scott Porter will be joining him as the voice of Cyclops. Porter is best known for his appearances in the live action "Speed Racer" film, "The Good Wife" and the upcoming series "Hart of Dixie." Thus far, there is no word who will provide the vocals for Storm, Beast, Armor, Professor X, Emma Frost, Jean Grey and other important characters in the series.

"X-Men" is the third of four Marvel Anime series produced by the Japanese Animation Studio Madhouse. The fourth series, "Blade" will make its American debut later this year.

To tide you over for the X-Men, here's the teaser trailer for the series.


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