‘X-Men: First Class’ Red Carpet Interviews!

Join us on the red carpet for the Blu-Ray premiere of X-Men: First Class with co-star Lucas Till and more!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We had a blast interviewing the cast and completely unrelated celebrities who attended the Blu-Ray premiere for X-Men: First Class, which also included a newfangled demonstration of the live 3D X-Men display they had to show off. Check out the video for interviews with Lucas Till ("Havok" from X-Men: First Class), Jessica Chobot (host on G4), Grant Harvey ("Grant" on The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Shane Warren Jones ("Cyrax" from Mortal Kombat: Legacy), DJ Paul Oakenfold, Gabriel Jarret ("Mitch Taylor" from the classic comedy Real Genius) and Edin Gali ("Kurt" from Mad Men). Enjoy!