Sucks To Be You: Referees

In this segment we take a look at why it blows to be the biggest sad-sack in sports... and we don't mean Jay Cutler. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

No one has ever said, "Hey, you know… those referees were fantastic! They did their jobs well and I never once questioned their judgment." You know why no one has ever said that? BECAUSE IT'S A F-CKING FANTASY! Being a referee and doing your job well means that someone is going to hate you no matter what you say… and in addition… if you're a referee in a South America, you might get two slugs in the back of your head if someone doesn't like your call.

You have a better chance of surviving heart surgery with pair of rusty nails than being a likeable referee. 

So that begs the question — why the hell would anyone become one? The truth of the matter no one really knows for sure. My grandfather was a high school basketball ref for years and the only reasons I can think why was because he felt like it was selfless service… Then again, he did go into WW2 with ten fingers and came out with nine, so maybe it's safe to say he'd had his fair share of threats. 

Anywho… What we've done is compile a list of videos of referees and their best, most indignant, most cowardly, and most idiotic for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out and maybe you can guess why the hell anyone would want this stupid job. 




Technically, they are part of the field…


Though sometimes, they should just get the hell out of the way…



And even though you're just doing your job, people will still yell at you.


Or if they fight back, they then have to run away:



And lastly, sometimes, it looks like a player is about to kiss you before he kicks the ever-living shit out of you: (bask in the silence)


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