The Big List: Eddie Murphy! China Fights Reality TV!

Will Murphy return to stand-up? Plus: Why do women have sex with you?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to be a great stand-up comic, then a breakout star on a sketch comedy show, leave to do movies, make some awesome ones, make a bunch of TERRIBLE ones, agree to host the Oscars and check out these links!


Eddie Murphy Tells Rolling Stone He’s No Longer Doing Family Films

He might return to stand-up, too. Fans of Imagine That are no doubt devastated by this news. [image via]


China Cuts Back On “Overly Entertaining” Reality Shows

Do they mean the show with the predictable guidos or the show that takes place in a storage facility? Also: Zzzzzz… [image via, 2]


Singer Refuses To Pay $1 Million Reward

The man who found Ryan Leslie’s “million dollar” laptop in the park should have let his dog crap on it. Lesson learned! [image via]


Is Technology Moving Too Fast?

I’ll tweet my answer in a bit, but first I’ve got to check out this Tumblr about Facebook.


Why Women Want Sex

The #1 answer is by far the most important to my sex life.


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, as the list gets bigger and bigger, but manageably so.


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