NBA Lockout Drags On Once Again

A marathon 15 hour meeting wasn’t enough to bring the owners and players into agreement.

Michael Brouilletby Michael Brouillet

After about 30 minutes of staring at the David Stern’s awkwardly shaped head I know I would have agreed to just about anything, but 15 hours into NBA labor meetings on Thursday, players and owners still couldn’t come to a compromise. 

Derek Fisher summarized their 15 hours of hard work in one sentence, “We can’t say that major progress was made in any way.” David Stern took a more holistic approach to analyzing negotiations by saying “the energy in the room as been good.” The energy? Really? The only progress made was in improving the energy?

Wow, with progress like this, sounds like basketball fans better tune into the Puerto Rico exhibition Kobe, Durant, and Wade will be playing in on Sunday if they want to catch their favorite NBA stars anytime soon.

The major point of contention remains the owner to player split of basketball related income (BRI). Players were guaranteed 57 percent of BRI under the previous collective bargaining agreement and have offered to lower this to 52.5 percent in the current negotiations. Owners remain firm they want a 50-50 split. This amounts to roughly a $100 million difference between the two sides.

The two sides are scheduled to return to the bargaining table this Sunday. Lets just hope David stern arrives with some incense and the players bring a mood lamp if the 2011-2012 season is going to be saved.