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Halloween, the internet! It’s time for our scariest, goriest, and zombiest videos of the front page!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Check out all these great Halloween themed videos, from brain recipes to the horror legend himself, John Carpenter – this years Halloween’s videos are gonna stick in your brainzs.. your juicy, giggly, yummy braaaaaainz!

Dailymotion  – Zombie Meal Time Director's Cut – Epic Meal Time (link)

These guys are known for their epic meals, and today they are wipping up a smorgazborg big enough to drive a zombie horde in to a blood frenzy… cause all these recipes use brains! From a Brainy Big Mac to Mac and Cheese and Brainz and bacon, and back around again to classics like deep fried brain balls and candied brains.

I may have just thrown up in my a little bit, a lot.


Funny Or Die – Scary Girl with Chloe Moretz (link)

Hosted by master of Horror John Carpenter this video isn’t so much as it is a bio pic.. of the girl from the RING!

This is actually one of the better videos Funny or die has done lately. I don’t usually actually laugh out loud during an FOD video, but this one had me a few times.


Youtube – +100500 – Убийца Танцпола (link)

Over on the master of all video sites, taking over for Halloween is this video. I have absolutely no idea what’s happening in it at all, as it’s done by Russian youtuber AdamThomasMoran. But I am completely amused by the randomness of it.

Also, where the heck darn did they get Russian turtle footage? I call BS.


Break  – Scaring Kids is Still Fu (link) is running a scary prank video contest for about another week, and there’s a bunch of entries. One of our favorite entries is this prime example of how to be a parent and a douche!


Cause there’s nothing better than pranking your kid, except for laughing in their face about it!


Atom – The Gate Show With Fred Stoller – 102  (Sarah Silverman) (link) seems to have given up on the holiday, and in lieu of any thematic videos they have episode 2 of the Gate show. Which I’m actually finding pretty charming and amusing, and hey they have Sarah Silverman on.. so maybe it really is a scary video! (I have no idea what I’m even implying there.)

Hope you’ve had a great holiday weekend, and have fun out there this Halloween.

Tweet me pictures of costumes @samproof or leave a link in the comments below, and if I get some funny ones, you may see yourself in my next article!

And here’s a bonus video Just for you!

Weed Ball : Happy Halloweed