Chiefs Top Error-Prone Chargers 23-20

With the win, Kansas City takes a share of the AFC West lead.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Recently, I wrote an article on how San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers was killing my fantasy football season. Well, apparently, he is expanding that to include the whole Chargers season as well as he basically caused the Chargers to lose this pivotal divisional game against the surging Chiefs.

More on that in a minute.

Rivers, and the Chargers as a whole, have looked off this season. Despite a 4-2 record heading into their Monday night showdown with Kansas City, a fast start for the usually slow out of the gate San Diego, there has been a glaring lack of cohesiveness to the team. Be it injuries, a lack of any real offseason, or just overall rust, problems abound with this squad.

This sense of being off has been epitomized by their franchise QB, Phillip Rivers, who hasn't looked like his usually sterling self this year. His touchdowns are down and his turnovers are up, two things that send warning flags shooting across everyone looking at that team. The good news, however, is that he has got to turn it around at some point, doesn't he?

And back to the Monday night game.

With the game tied at 20 apiece with less than a minute to play, it looked as if San Diego had things well in hand. They had drove down to the Chiefs 15 yard line and was just one snap away from turning it over to their kicker for a chip shot to improve to 5-2. It honestly looked like Rivers was going to get that much needed win to get himself out of that funk status in the eyes of everyone watching.

Then came the snap. A fumble. Kansas City recovered. The game went into overtime. Kansas City won with a field goal.

"I haven't had one in years," Rivers said of the fumbled snap. "It's unfortunate. I dropped it. This one is rough. You blow it on a play that never should have happened."

With that fumbled snap, the Chargers fumbled away sole possession of the AFC West lead to the surprising Chiefs, who are the first team since the 2000 Steelers to win four straight games after losing the first three, and the equally surprising Oakland Raiders. This win, while devastating to San Diego, was huge for a Kansas City team who has had to overcome many, many key injuries as well as the slow start this season.

Many wrote this Chiefs team off early in the season but as they proved Monday night, it ain't over till it's over and with half a season left to play, things are just now getting interesting.

“'Don't quit,' " Chiefs linebacker Andy Studebaker said. "You never quit, even if it looks ugly. If you quit every time something looks ugly, you miss an opportunity to do something special."

San Diego has got to find a way to put whatever is wrong behind them fast as they are fast approaching a brutal stretch of games. Starting next weekend, the Chargers face Green Bay, Oakland, and Chicago in that order and if they can't get back to top form, they could easily find themselves at 4-6.