Denver May Be Setting Tim Tebow Up To Fail

Appearances point to the Broncos Brass not doing all they can.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Anybody witnessing the debacle in Denver this past weekend, an embarrassing 45-10 beatdown by the Detroit Lions, would declare that the Broncos have many, many concerns, with quarterback topping the list. Tim Tebow, touted as the savior of the Broncos organization by supporters/followers/, looked positively dreadful. Worst that that actually, as he just looked lost and flummoxed for most of the game.

But was it really his fault?

OK, before you start pelting me with offal and accusing me of drinking the Tebow kool aid, let me first state that while I respect the Hell out of Tebow as a person, I do have serious doubts about his ability to be an effective NFL quarterback. He has sloppy mechanics including the most horrendous one in the NFL to have, a slow delivery, and his decision making has been dreadful. He locks onto his first receiver, has little pocket awareness and just overall looks extremely uncomfortable under center. All these things are made even more glaringly obvious by the play of some of this years batch of rookie signal callers who are making Tebow just look silly.

That being said, however, I don't really believe that the Broncos are giving Tebow the best chance to maximize the talents he does have. They are continuously undermining his strongest areas by putting him under center and basically slowing the game down.

Look, anyone who has watched Tebow play know that he is better in the shotgun and when the offense is in a hurry up mode. When given time not to think, his playmaking instinct kicks in and he scores points. This has been proven at every level, even the pros, so why doesn't Denver just recognize this and adapt?

Simply put, because they don't want to. Tebow was an experiment of the previous coaching regime and neither Fox or John Elway actually want him around. But, and this is the kicker, Tebow has such a large stable of supporters that just benching and cutting him wouldn't be good enough. So, instead, they are putting in game situations where they know he is going to fail. Then they can just sit back and claim that they gave him his shot and it didn't work.

That's bullshit, but it's not surprising considering the ego's of the two men who are running the show.

Like I said, I'm not sold on Tebow as a starter in the NFL, there is a ton of work he needs to do, but I'm also not sold on him not being a starter. I want to see him get a fair shot in a system that would maximize his strengths and grow with him as he improves.

The guy is a winner, plain and simple, but only if you let him do his thing. The sad truth, though, is that it's very doubtful that he will get that chance in Denver. Hopefully, he can land somewhere with a team that believes in him and will give him an honest shot. A team like, say, Philadelphia next year?

The Eagles have a great history with running QB's and with Young and Vick to guide his on the field skills, Tebow could flourish.

Who know what will happen to Tebow this season and in the years to come. He may end up being a star or just another great college kid who could never hack it at the next level. Either could happen. I'm just saying that before too long, I would just love to see him get an honest chance.