The 3 Most Quirky Skymall Products

We look at 3 of the goofiest products from your favorite strip mall in the sky.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Sky Mall

The ubiquitous SkyMall catalog, found in airplane seat back pockets and read by more than 600 million passengers a year, has long been synonymous with quirkiness with its product line largely by small time inventors. From bizarre head massage contraptions to $129 air gravity shoes, this catalog promises to deliver the laughs.

Here are three of the more bizarre products we've found.


Astoria University T Shirt 

Astoria University

This online school has unquestionably the most bizarre ad on the planet. It offers a "prestigeous"(sp) opportunity to purchase an Astoria T Shirt for $26 with the most generic stock photos on the planet, countless grammatical errors, mention of a "FREE" brochure, and its trump card – a cosmic star logo design looking more like a 5th graders art project than a symbol for higher education.


Easter Island Monolith Statues

Easter Island

Starting at $350, these overpriced four and six feet tall Moai statues are amongst the most frightening and disingenuous looking statues in world history. "Faux stone" and cheap resin make the materials. Might as well create a paper Mache model and save the $350.


Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes

These $149.00 shoes' sperm like logo has caused so much controversy it has its own press release on the official Gravity Defyer website. Along with a full-page sales letter ad with the title "Shoes on Steroids,” a picture of a syringe and a risk free 30-day trial, these shoes are the talk of airline trips.