‘Moves Like Jagger’ Top 5 Video Spoofs

‘Moves like Jagger’ with Christina Aguilera, more like 'Moves like Flabber' ammirite?!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Topping the Billboard charts this week is Maroon 5’s song ‘Moves like Jagger’ with Christina Aguilera and that’s all it takes for the viral video makers to move like Jawas and pump out videos like they were droids on a conveyer belt. Did I loose you?

First take a gander at the original so you know what you’re in for.

The Original:

So there’s whatever that is…I am NOT a maroon 5 fan, and frankly I don't understand how it can be the number one song, cause I don't know anyone that's a Maroon 5 fan… plus they use the number 5… everyone knows you spell out all numbers under 11! Lazy, that's just lazy band naming.

I digress. A little.

Here are the best of the music videos parodies out there, and their Jagger swaggers.


5) The Key of Awesome!: Moves Like Fatso

A+ effort for picking a theme, and doing a straight out parody. This video really stays on target with it’s efforts. It’s not a hell of a lot of funny happening, but if you think man boobs are funny then this is probably the big winner for you.


4) DamItsGood808: Moves Like MJ

Apparently the easiest theme to reinvent and spoof this song is with fatness. I have no idea what’s that’s an emerging theme. Though it is pretty amusing to see this guy in his weird Michael Jackson Fat suit. I kind of wish they’d made some Weird Al “Eat it” refrences.


3) BreakOriginals: Moves Like Jabba

This Star Wars based parody might not be a hell of a lot funnier than the previous videos, and yet again it’s “Fat Based”, but it does feature Ashley Pittman in the iconic Slave Leia Gold Bikini and that’s good enough to put it in at number 3!


2)WinterSpringPro: The Sims

Finally a video that takes a chance and gets away from using Fat as a funny crutch. And that’s enough to make this video number 4 with it’s interesting use of the Sims. Though I’m not gonna give the number one spot, because “Sims” has once less cyllable than “Jagger” and it doesn’t even remotely rhyme, and that’s sloppy f’ig parody. Take a lesson from Weird al ‘Beat it’ = ‘Eat it’, ‘Live a Virgin’ = ‘Like a Surgeon’ and ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’.. um never mind, here’s the video


1) Supricky06 : DoucheBagger

In the number one slot, this video by Supricky, who only slightly touches on weight as a point of parody. He brings this simple theme to the peak of parody perfection with he use of the awesome rhyming ‘Douchebagger’ and for that I applaud him and his spiky little hair. Kudos my friend.


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