NFL Power 10: Week 8

It's almost halfway through the season and the rankings are starting to make sense.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

1. Green Bay Packers (7-0)

Green Bay continues to lock down the top spot thru their bye due mainly to that nice goose egg in the loss column. They will face a huge test this weekend as they travel to San Diego to face the reeling San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are talented enough to get the W here but they will have to not make the mistake that have been dogging them this year.


2. San Francisco 49ers (6-1)

Another week and another solid win for the 49ers. With each win, San Fran seems to change a few opinions about them. Considering where they were a year ago, it's hard to legitimately take them as the second best team in the NFC but I will give them this, they are following in the mold of Pittsburgh and Baltimore with their physical play and that will win you playoff games.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

With an impressive win over the much hyped New England Patriots, the Steelers have proved once again that they are at the top of the class in the AFC. Ironically though, for a team that was once known for its power running, it can't seem to get that part of their arsenal rolling. Considering that they have suffered quite a few injuries to that offensive line, it's not surprising. When they do get it together, though, they may be the most complete team in the NFL.


4. New England Patriots (5-2)

The Achilles heal of the Patriots, their shoddy defense, came back to haunt them in Pittsburgh this past weekend as they couldn't get the Steelers off the field all day. As they are right now, New England is looking yet again like a team that will make the playoffs only to lose in the opening round.


5. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

Baltimore is one of the most talented and complete teams in the NFL, when they utilize their weapons right. In the first half of the Arizona game last week, they weren't, and they got behind big by halftime. A couple of smart adjustments, however, and the Ravens began to look like themselves again. Now they head to Pittsburgh for what will be an earth shattering matchup.


6. Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

Despite not garnering much respect this season due to the quality of opponents they have faced, the Bengals just keep plugging away and winning the games they are supposed to. It will be interesting to see how they handle some of the better teams in the league as their schedule starts to stiffen up from here on out.


7. Detroit Lions (6-2)

It was gut check time for the Lions this past weekend after dropping two straight and Detroit showed everyone that yep, they have some guts. Plus some playmakers! It'll take a mini miracle for them to catch Green Bay this season but these Lions are poised to make the playoffs. They just got to be mentally prepared enough to handle the pressure of a playoff push.


8. Buffalo Bills (5-2)

The blanking of the Redskins was an impressive win for the Bills. They are quietly building a lot of confidence for, an in, themselves, confidence that could propel them to a division win. They face a huge test this weekend as they welcome in the New York Jets in what will be a close game.


9. Houston Texans (5-3)

The Texans are slowly putting a stranglehold on the AFC South with the demise of the Colts. With back to back wins over the Titans and the Jaguars, division foes both, Houston is the master of their own destiny. It's only a matter of not imploding from here on out and the Texans will make the playoffs.


10. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

With an impressive win over the visiting Cowboys, the Eagles are finally starting to look like the team everyone thought they would be. Considering that the team ahead of them, the New York Giants, are facing an enormously tough part of their schedule the next 5 weeks, Philly could gain some ground if they keep stacking up the wins.