5 Talk Show Host Fights

Punches fly. Desks collide. Comedy blood is spilled.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Every year there are more late night comedy shows on TV. It's a very competitive gig. So naturally, tensions boil over and brawls break out between even the most even-tempered comedian hosts. Witness these 5 (sort of) brutal altercations between the top funny folks on the television:


Conan O'Brien vs. Stephen Colbert vs. Jon Stewart

Comedy Central’s got you outnumbered Coco. Sure you wanna do this?


Jimmy Fallon vs. Jimmy Kimmel

A rare entertaining moment from the Emmy Awards.


Conan O'Brien vs. Jay Leno

Staged by Team Coco during the Conan cancellation protest. Also: remember when people used to protest about TV shows getting cancelled?


Jimmy Kimmel vs. Ellen DeGeneres

Their “Nice Off” fight basically begins with hugging it out.


Jay Leno vs. David Letterman

The greatest talk show host rivalry ever – the clay flies on “Celebrity Deathmatch.” No embedding allowed, so click here to watch.


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