AFI: Armie Hammer on ‘The Lone Ranger’s’ Near Cancellation

The Lone Ranger himself explains how the upcoming blockbuster's delay affected his career.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The AFI Fest’s panel on Young Hollywood featured Kirsten Dunst, Evan Rachel Wood, Anton Yelchin and Armie Hammer. During the Q&A, Hammer answered a few questions about The Lone Ranger. He all but admitted he took a pay cut, but when the reporter asked if he made any sacrifices to get the film made, he just silently shook his head.

More vocally, Hammer explained how he got through the rough patch when it looked like his big action hero debut wasn’t going to happen.

“I was really fortunate,” Hammer said. “There were two things that happened. One is the project got cancelled three days after I signed on so I didn’t have time to get too excited. The second thing was I was working on a different project at the time so I really was trying to spend as little time thinking about it as possible so it just wouldn’t mess up what I was trying to do there. I had other things to keep my head on which I think helped keep me sane.”

AFI Fest is going on through November 10 in Hollywood.