5 Epic Panda Bears

They’re cute, they’re chill, they have panda skills.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Sure, Kung Fu Panda knows martial arts, but these real life pandas have mastered an even more impressive art: the art of pissing on things and rubbing their backs in cool ways. Pandas are already awesome thanks to their cuteness, so when they manage to actually get up and do stuff, it earns them their “epic” badge:


Jerk Panda

0:22 – I’m guessing the one lying down pissed him off.


Barrel Roll Panda

0:45 – Peppy Hare would be so proud.


Handstand Panda

3:07 – There’s no rule that says a panda can’t join an Olympic gymnastic team, but there are probably public urination rules that would disqualify them.


Dancing Panda

Panda got low, low, low, low…


Sneezing Panda

That’s right, baby panda. Feel the power of the sneeze!


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