‘Where’s Waldo’ is Finding Its Way to Theaters

What's next, an action movie based on I Spy? Wait a minute... Oh, Eddie Murphy, how could you?!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

In a previously nonexistent rush to snatch up the rights to all the kids puzzle characters from the 1980s (following Walden Media's Carmen Sandiego movie announcement last week), MGM has acquired the film rights to Where's Wally?, aka Where's Waldo?, the children's book series created by Martin Handford. The original book series portrayed the world-travelling exploits of Waldo [Last Name Withheld], who appeared in double-page picture spreads featuring hundreds of characters and distracting details. Readers were encouraged to find Waldo in each picture, although really there wasn't much incentive. "There he is…! Let's watch TV now."

But we jest. We loved Where's Waldo as much as everyone when we were kids. When we were kids. So it's pretty funny that MGM's press release, found at Deadline, says that "we look forward to making a worldwide adventure that will appeal to Where’s Waldo? fans of all ages." That's just kids, MGM. You don't see too many 40-year-olds scanning Handford's distinctive drawings for that distinctive striped shirt at the local Starbucks, do you?

But we jest. Again. Where's Waldo is of course being developed as "a live-action family adventure," and not the ultraviolent action spectacle we all assumed it would be. Presumably they'll find a place for Waldo's arch-nemesis Odlaw, whose "bad deeds were many," and completely unspecified. We assume he's a serial arsonist. No word yet on possible casting, but if we had our druthers we'd pick Freddie Prinze Jr. Nobody's seen him in years. He'd be perfect!

No, we're serious this time.

CraveOnline will be back with more Where's Waldo news if we find any.