Steel Debuts in Action Comics #4

Grant Morrison hand-picks a guy to write back-up stories for Action Comics, which will show us John Henry Irons and Ma and Pa Kent, finally.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Action Comics #4 sketch

After being sort of annoying in the fact that we had to read the 'special features' section of Action Comics to find out that Ma and Pa Kent are both dead in the New 52, DC has informed us that, starting with Action Comics #4, there will be back-up stories giving us details like this by Sholly Fisch, a writer hand-picked by Grant Morrison, who is writing the lead stories.  Apparently, Morrison has reached the elite status where it matters who he hand-picks.  So, huzzah!

As we've seen in Action Comics #3, some beings called Terminauts have arisen to lay siege to Metropolis and the world.  We've also seen John Corben succumb to the hubris that leads him to the accident which forms the new Metallo – although DC is apparently spelling it "Metall-0," which is not a good idea.  So, in #4, it's up to John Henry Irons, who created the program Corben messed up, to suit up as Steel and join the fray.  Fisch's back-up story, featuring art by Brad Walker, will feature a fight between Irons and Corben, and it will tie directly into the main story.

Then, #5 will actually spotlight Ma and Pa Kent, and it will be drawn by ChrisCross, also doing #6, before Walker returns for #7, and then the backups go away for Morrison's full-length conclusion to the first arc in #8.

Check out this Brad Walker sketch of Steel from the back-up story in Action Comics #4.  It's based off a Rags Morales design, and they've noted that this is a "prototype" version of the Steel armor, and a finished look will be revealed later on down the line.


Action Comics #4 sketch