Funny Pages – Mike Tyson’s Mustache

Zingers, Zangers and Mike Tyson in a hilarious Mustache

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s videos are pretty good, but I don’t think anything can beat the high pitched voice of Mike Tyson, as he don’s some spirit gum to stick a soup catcher to his face in a political parody. But I could be wrong, you decide!


College Humor  – The Roast of HBO (link)

Let’s start things off with a bang, (gang of therotically big… you pick).  This College Humor original animation, has more jokes in it than all the top vides on youtube combined this week.

The gang really takes the roast zing machine and sends one liners flying at every possible network out there, and all tightly wrapped up in less than 3 and a half minutes. Oh and it’s animated!

This may in fact be one of the best things I’ve seen all year, definitely going in to my list of possible top tens for the funniest videos of 2011. It might now have you laughing out loud, but it’s dead on.


Atom  – The Gate Show With Fred Stoller with Fred Willard (link)

“Fred Stoller takes his gate talk show to the next level by adding a green room. They test it out on Fred Willard for hilarious results”.. is what I’d say if I wasn’t completely bored with this series after only 4 episodes. They’re trying and they’ve got access to a seemingly unending list of B-list starts. But as Funny or Die has shown us in the past, that’s not what it takes to actually make something funny. You decide.


Funny Or Die – Live Funny Or Die in 2012 (link)

OK so this is a sign of things to come, and as they say in the video “you might as well get used to it” because with a presidential coming up soon all videos will be political parodies, spoofs, satires and boobs and kitties.. those never go away. But there will be a lot more of these kind of videos coming up.

But hey at least this one has Mike Tyson, with his hilarious voice, in a hilarious mustache!

Dorkly – Dorkly Bits: Double Dragon Dad (link)

Before we wrap things up and go along to our boring ass days, let’s grab a quick look at how bad our lives could be if we were part of the daring duo double dragon, and their horrible abusive relationship with their father.


UCB Comedy – Morning Horror (link)

Before we finish up, here’s one last quick hitter from UCB.

So that’s what’s funny on the front page of some of the best video sites on the web,  now back to work and don’t tell your boss what I’ve done!

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