Brian Grazer Officially Announced as New Oscar Producer

The Academy Award-winning producer returns to dominate the Oscars in a whole new way.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

When Brett Ratner left his post as producer of this year's Academy Awards, there were two whispers heard most often. 1) "If only Gil Cates were still alive," and 2) "Brian Grazer's totally going to be next." Well, that second one turned out to be true. The Oscar-winning producer of A Beautiful Mind (who's been nominated three other times, for producing Apollo 13 and Frost/Nixon and co-writing Splash) will return to run the awards show he's previously dominated.

In a statement published at Deadline, Grazer had this to say about his new job: "It’s very gratifying to be part of a show that honors excellence in the medium to which I have devoted so much of my career. Don [Mischer, Grazer's co-producer] is a legend, and I am excited to work with him."

Grazer has produced over 100 projects since 1978, including such notable works as Mulholland Drive, The Da Vinci Code and television's 24. Apart from replacing Brett Ratner, little is known of Grazer's plans. Rumors have suggested that he will try to get Eddie Murphy back to host the show, following Murphy's public departure earlier today.

If Murphy won't return, however, we have a few suggestions right here. (We also had suggestions for who should produce, but we guess that conjecture is over now. We still think Roland Emmerich could have rocked it, though.)

CraveOnline will return with more Oscar news after we finish shampooing the red carpet.