Jim Lee’s Darkseid Revealed

Check out the threat that forms the Justice League, and other interesting stuff coming up in DC's #6 solicits.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League

So a big batch of solicitations has just come out for all of DC's New 52 #6 issues, and leading the pack is Justice League #6, which features the appearance of the new version of Darkseid, the threat that actually brings the Justice League together.  So here's a look at Jim Lee's take on the classic alien overlord, and a few other interesting things to look forward to come February, when hese titles start coming out.

Justice League #6


Grant Morrison's Action Comics is also a crucial read to get the new backstory of the Man of Steel, and in #6, the modern-day Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes get involved!


Action Comics #6


Then, over in The Savage Hawkman, we get the first glimpse of the new-look Gentleman Ghost.  He certainly looks a lot… edgier.  Literally.  He's… pointy.

The Savage Hawkman #6


In DCU Presents, Deadman has left the building, and now we'll see the genesis of the Challengers of the Unknown, eight survivors of a plane crash bound together by circumstance.


DCU Presents #6


So what do Green Lanterns do when their rings don't really get the job done?  In Green Lantern Corps, they get big honkin' guns.


Green Lantern Corps #6


What else are guns good for?  Fighting giant bats, like Jonah Hex has to do in All-Star Western #6.  Too bad Hex only seems to have a tomahawk and a torch.  Looks like some of Hex's freakier stories are coming back to the gritty bounty hunter. 


All-Star Western #6


What's going on with Batman?  Well, he's going to get caught up in the suckhead revolution over in I, Vampire.


I, Vampire


And he's also going to weigh in on Barbara Gordon's return to crimefighting in Batgirl


Batgirl #6


And meanwhile, the artistic team changes for the stellar Batwoman.  Can Amy Reeder and Richard Friend meet the bar established by writer J.H. Williams III?  We can only hope.


Batwoman #6