Who’s That Fancy Pokemon?

Strive to capture of every one to the last? Study this well, my friend.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Greetings, fellow Pokemon connoisseurs. Since it is our steadfast goal to apprehend as many monstrous pets as possible and compel them to battle for our amusement, I thought it would be most valuable to have a guide to sophisticated, purebred Pokemon. This way, you’ll know to leave those crass, deplorable ‘geodudes’ to rot in the desert and forcibly befriend one of these stalwart companions:



He’s not just evolved. He’s fully evolved. [via]



Slowpoke is so slow, he hasn’t even gotten to this century yet. [via]



“I suggest a hearty battle to determine if you shall be captured.” [via]



It’s one thing to “liek” Mudkips, it’s another thing to fancy them. [via]



You can’t steal their food, because they’ll serve it to you. [via]



“My tail? Drooping? I believe you must be mistaken.” [via]



When your steampunk Pokedex is broken, you need to collect more crazy sprockets. [via]



Maractus, I choose you… to be my bride! [via]


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