This is REALLY Happening #39

Your colon, a Taco Bell, and this car. (What do they have in common?) 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

People are stupid. That's not supposed to be news. Thankfully it IS. 
Its that time again for news of the doomed. Now with more gay penguins! Its another round of dumb criminals, this time with a special focus on people who accidentally set things on fire… or over react to minor retail disappointments. Plus we have @Team_Hellions calling in a story he found that is anything but a picnic. Oh and as promised we'll explore the world of a couple that finds out they are brother and sister on their wedding day. This is after dating for 5 years… yes its as bad as you think. All that and more proof the world is on a one way trip to Hellsvill here on
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WARNING This Show Contains Adult Humor  WARNING
WARNING This Episode Contains Adult Humor WARNING

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