‘Burn Notice’ Season 5 Episode 15 Preview

Michael and Fiona come up with an inventive way to break into a skyscraper...

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The second half of "Burn Notice" season 5 has found Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and his girlfriend, Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) reluctantly under the thumb of Anson (Jere Burns), the last man responsible for burning Michael years ago. But this Thursday, Michael and Fiona are striking back.

In this advance preview clip (via The Hollywood Reporter), Michael and Fiona engage in a little casual flirting before attempting a dangerous break-in of a skyscraper to get the info they need to take down Anson.


Anwar also briefly spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about Michael and Fiona's desire to free themselves from Anson and his machinations.

"This character [Anson] has been infiltrating their lives for so many years and has been so clever, so cautious and so cunning, that they manage to weave such a complicated web over the course of so many years — using family members and having incredible intelligence regarding Michael. Now, we're trying to catch up with how deep this man has dug this grave. There's plenty of hope, but this character is probably a significant match for Michael's wiles."

During the next episode, "Necessary Evil," Michael will run point on a CIA mission to rescue a scientist from an African warlord, while Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse Porter (Coby Bell) infiltrate the warlord's compound by passing themselves off as microchip specialists. 

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