5 Hilarious Celebrity Freakouts

Because it's better than watching your dad freak out...

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

What's better than seeing someone lose their cool?  Watching celebrities do it!  I know, the whole thing reeks of VH1, but you gotta admit, there's something special about watching idiots with money go nuts.  And here at Crave, we live for these beautiful moments.  So here are some of the best celebrity freakouts caught on tape.

Mike Tyson punks white guy

I figured we would start out with something really brutal so we can seperate the men from the boys.  What better way to do that than showing the scariest man in the world threatening to kill someone via innappropriate sexual activity?  Mike Tyson obviously has some type of obsession with sodomy here, but I don't want him coming after me.

Vanilla Ice throws furniture at Ron Jeremy

Gotta give it to Vanilla Ice, his music has certainly improved.  Oh, that was just the sound of instruments flying around the room?  Could have fooled me.  C'mon, boys, let's put them away, Ron's gonna win this one in the end.

Tom Cruise gets squirted with a microphone

Now I coulda gone the easy route and showed you guys what Tom did on Oprah, but I didn't.  Be grateful.  This may be one of the calmest freakouts I've ever seen.  But you gotta love how Tom delicately holds this guy's hand while he repremands him and eloquently calls him a jerk.

Christian Bale loses it on DP (Director of Photography of course)

Ok, so we all know there's no video for this one, but I couldn't resist.  Just pretend it's an audio podcast that's funny.  Relax, Chris, you're not John Connor and that gun isn't real.  I guess DP's were never known for being tough guys.

Bill O'Reilly flips out in the studio 

Guys, this is truly my favorite freakout and possibly my favorite YouTube video ever.  I can watch it over and over and still laugh.  It's Bill O'Reilly (featuring his toupee) in this award-winning* performance from his show.

*Award was for "Biggest Douche On TV"