7 Real Life Hand Turkeys

That thing you learned to draw in Kindergarten is real!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

In the run up to Thanksgiving, little kids across the country will trace their hand, call it a turkey and they’ll all win some kind of Thanksgiving Self-Esteem Trophy. However, hand turkeys aren't just the product of kids being "creative" – they exist in the wild too! We found some photographers and artists who’ve captured images of the great gobblers.


Meet The Real Life Hand Turkey

The babies are so cuticle. [via]


Hand Turkey In The Sky

Such an extraordinary creature. [via]


Hand Turkey On The Farm

I'm getting hungry just looking at it! [via]


Realistic Sketch Of A Hand Turkey

I'd like to give this artist a hand. As in applause and no other meaning. [via]


Hand Turkeys Make Good Pets

Just don't get too attached. Unless, of course, you are. [via]


Hand Turkey X-Ray

That's how that works. [via]


Hand Turkey From The Front

Now you know why kids don’t draw them from this angle. [via]


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