Classic Video Game ‘Rampage’ Gets Movie Adaptation

The timeless story about giant monsters destroying buildings - and nothing else - is coming to theaters courtesy of New Line.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Ah… Rampage. You were fun, weren't you? Plunk in a quarter, destroy half of a thriving metropolis, and then plunk in another quarter because you didn't manage to destroy the other half within an arbitrary time limit. Simpler times. You totally deserve a movie, and that's just what you're getting.

Hollywood Reporter has announced that New Line is developing Bally Midway's 1986 video game Rampage as a potential tentpole release "in the vein and tone of Ghostbusters and Independence Day." The film will be produced by John Rickard, who got his start working as an assistant for powerhouse producer Scott Rudin before seguing into working as an assistant for Brett Ratner. Now he produces movies like Horrible Bosses and the upcoming Jack the Giant Killer, which you've got to admit is an interesting career trajectory.

Rampage is an almost completely plotless video game based entirely on cathartic destruction and a rudimentary knowledge of load-bearing architecture, but there are a few unique elements of the gameplay that Rickard and his future writers and director could use to make the feature film more than a Godzilla knock-off. Fans of the game will remember that the three monsters in the game – George (a giant gorilla), Lizzie (a Godzilla) and Ralph (a giant f**king werewolf) – all reverted back to helpless human form whenever they took too much damage, and could be eaten by the other monsters in the game. So we've got protagonists in a very interesting situation with a cleary complex relationship in a competitive environment. That's good drama.

Also, there's a giant f**king werewolf. Where has that genre been all my life?

CraveOnline will be back with more Rampage news after we beg our Mom for quarters.