4th and Goal: Week 11

4 Burning questions heading into the latest batch of NFL games.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Can the Cincinnati Bengals rebound against the Baltimore Ravens?

Well, to be honest, the Bengals can win this game against the Ravens this weekend. They have a stout defense and a smart quarterback who is playing beyond what he should. I do believe, however, that while Cincy can win this, they won't. In simple terms, the Ravens are going to be too much for them to handle this week. Baltimore, at home, coming off of a painful loss and needing the win is not a position that will spell good things for the Bengals. Plus, Cincy may be going without top wideout AJ Green.


What Team in the NFC needs to win the most this weekend?

The Dallas Cowboys are the team needing to win the most this coming Sunday because they need to keep pace with the New York Giants or at the very least, keep up in the wild card race. Fortunately for them, they are facing the Washington Redskins who are currently experiencing a severe deficiency at the quarterback position. Dallas should win and win big this weekend, putting them in the position of rooting hard for the Eagles to pull out the W on Sunday night against the Giants.


Which team in the AFC needs to win the most this weekend?

The answer to this one would be the San Diego Chargers. Losers of four straight, the Chargers have watched a promising start to the season drop away into obscurity, much like their standing in the AFC West. With both Oakland and Denver ahead of them, the Chargers must win this week, period., to have any chance of keeping pace. Unfortunately, they are playing on the road vs the hottest team in the NFL not named Green Bay, the Chicago Bears. This win won't be easy but it is one they have to have.


What is the game of the week for week 11?

The game with the greatest chance of heavy impact on both sides of the field would be the Bengals-Ravens game. With a share of the AFC North crown up for grabs, this game is a must for both teams. I would almost, however, say that Cincy needs it more to solidify there place in the conference and to bolster their confidence, not that they need it after their good start. Baltimore, though, is looking to have a home playoff game this season and to do that they need to keep up with the Steelers, who are looking really good at the moment. Whoever wins this game will go on to challenge the Steelers for the AFC North while the loser will drop off the grid. Does it get much better than this?