The B-Movies Podcast #42: Kristen Stewart is NOT a Businesswoman

Bibbs and Witney debate the new Doctor Who movie and review The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch and Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, aka "the best videogame movie so far!"

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The B-Movies Podcast activates our Improbability Drive this week with Episode #42 – Kristen Stewart is NOT a Businesswoman! Because… she's not a businesswoman, even though Bibbs accidentally said she was in one of this week's movies (he was thinking about Kristin Scott Thomas). The movies this week are The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch and Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva, the latter of which our hosts William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani and Witney Seibold call "the best video game movie so far." They'll also run down all the latest movie news and whatnot: Tim Burton likes "Peculiar Children," Michael Jackson gets a biopic from the director of My Super Ex-Girlfriend (a movie Bibbs actually liked), David Yates reboots Doctor Who in theaters, Colin Firth gets an offer for Oldboy, Kristen Stewart in talks for the Akira remake and Chris Tucker considers returning to theaters for Friday 4.

PLUS! Why do the bathrooms in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter yell at you? When are they going to remake The Terror of Tiny Town? What is The Terror of Tiny Town? Why was Bibbs stuffed between Phineas and Barnaby from Family Guy? What would Ziggy say in that situation? Why does Witney's plan for the remakers of Akira actually offend Bibbs for a change? What's the best "Yo Mama" joke? When will Ice Cube cover Rebecca Black's "Friday?" What movie does Witney describe as "sewing a cat onto a person?" Why is anime just like the cockroaches from Mimic? Does "The Eternal Diva" refer to Cher or Liza? And how often do you get to have sex with a dragon?

The answers to all these questions and more on The B-Movies Podcast: Episode #42 – Kristen Stewart is NOT a Businesswoman!




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