10 Epic Celebrity Lip Sync FAILS!

When all else fails, lip Synch.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

We’re all familiar with the scandal of Milli Vanilli and the amazing fail of Ashley Simpson onf SNL, but here are ten more epic Celebrity Lip Synching Fails!


Lindsay Lohan Rumors Fail

So my guess is she’s thrown off, because the mic stand is too short of a stripper pole facsimile. That’s enough to throw a seasoned professional off! So here’s a bunch of those too.


Mariah Carey Touch My Body – 04.25.08 Good Morning America

It seems like when you’re just kind of slowly moving about a stage, keeping focused on the lip synching wouldn’t be that hard. But somewhere around the 2:45 mark M.C. just kind of lets it slip for a bit.



Ashley Tisdale @ 2007 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

It’s debatable is this is truly a lip synching Fail, or if Tisdale just has some really weird palsy happening in her mouthal region.

50 Cent BET Awards 2007

So basically in this one, it should be noted that maybe easier clothes to take off is the culprit… or remembering that your song has another line immediately coming up…



Britney Spears Gimme More (Live at MTV VMA 2007) HD

This one’s more than a simple lip synch fail, but a whole “return fail”. Britney who had announced her triumphant return, might have needed an extra month, just to tighten up all the loose screws.

This Guy (Squeeze Theeze Pleeze)

I’m not even sure who this is, (Squeeze Theeze Pleeze is a Portuguese band. But that’s all I cared to research) but once again it’s so much more than a simple fail of lip synching. This guy falls off stage and continues pretend he’s been holding that one note out the whole time. Epic recovery… not.

Since I can’t prove that this guy is really famous, and this a celebrity, here’s a bonus Latino Fail



C + C Music Factory caught lip-syncing

“Every body dance now! Because my neck is a microphone, I don’t need your technologies” – is apparently what singer Eric Kupper thinks as he drops the mic to address the audience.

Apparently drinking straight vodka and taking off your shirt, gives you these powers.


Shakira Caught Lip Syncing At The Fifa Concert In South Africa

While it is clear that Shakira is in fact lip synching, the captions on this are like the most annoying hater in the world getting his “I told you so” in. It’s almost so obnoxious that he really becomes the funny thing here, and while I was never a big fan of Shakira (just a fan of her flexibility), I’m now more on her side than this tool bag who made the video


Katy Perry Epic Flute Fail

Now it’s debatable whether or not she’s syncing over a flute track or a recorder track (sure sounds more like a flute to me), but this video is a definite double fail.

This, however is pure win


Muse Miming on Italian TV Swapping Places

So the story goes, Pop Mega stars MUSE were “forced” to lip synch even though they didn’t want to, and to prank the Italian show switched things up a bit so they could play by their own rules. One person points out they’re even using a left handed bass which isn’t normal.

By the way, how awesomely tacky is that ‘disintegration’ transition, and it’s logical cause they sing about being degraded! 😉 Oh Italians, brillance!

I guess the really will not Force Muse!