The BIG Thanks List: Over 72 things to be thankful for!

Before you celebrate, remember-ate, all the things that make life worth it. Pics and videos inside! 

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

The fallen leaves, and the brush of fall, give way to pleasant family memories. Before the turkey carving, and the drinking, or the veagan dish you'll guilt trip your family into, take a knee and think of all the things you're thankful for.

And it isn't "prayer" if you're doing it in a public school, it's just called "thinking time" there.

If you're stumped why life is still worth living, remember this list, during this time of giving,

"What I'm thankful for…"


1. Living in a free country, where stealing Wi-Fi from unsecured networks is rarely prosecuted

2. Having the choice of boxers or briefs depending on mood


3. The fuzzy stuff on your socks that burns up real good when you light it



4. Ballpark franks


5. Albert Einstein, who never gave a f***


6. Seasons 1 and 2 of Digimon: Digital Monsters


7. Girls who wear tight jeans


8. Guys who don't wear their jeans so low you can see their ass-crack


9. The Free Market…unless you lose money, then you hate the free market


10. Penalty kicks


11. That compilation video of Steven Seagal breaking people's bones



12. Jethro Tull, also flute solos


13. Movies about dancing animals


14. That satisfying "bathroom reading time" between 9 and 10 am on a Sunday


15. Enteman's Crumb Cake donuts


16. Not getting heart cancer…yet


17. My membership to Bally's that I haven't canceled yet, for reminding me I'm a human who makes mistakes


18. Sofia Vergara for having a "life affirming" pair of mammaries, thanks!



19. Bums that smile when you give them a sandwich and then curse at you because they can't control themselves


20. Piano bars with people that are actually GOOD at playing the piano


21. Hitting all the green lights


22. Having someone buy a drink for you


23. Having someone buy a drink for you and then not asking you to pay


24. English Bulldogs


25. Scratching your crotch in public and no one notices


26. Beating your high score in Tetris


27. Sufficient handicap parking for your grandma at the mall


28. Fried Twinkies


29. White Castle burgers that are frozen and sold near your house, even if they cost $3 more than they're worth


30. "Bronies"



31. Not being hungover after a night of non-stop drinking


32. Hair pins


33. That period of time after college and before you move out of your parent's house, or "adult-hood hasn't started yet" time


34. The German Suplex


35. Godzilla movies


36. That change you find in your favorite jacket or pant


37. Keeping a full charge on your iPhone when you haven't plugged it in in awhile


38. Sick days from work to avoid your awful, awful, soul crushing job


39. Chicken, in all forms


40. The History Channel, to remind us again and again what 1940's Europe was like


41. Tiger Woods' professional implosion, giving us all a chance to be winners again!


42. That awesome lesbian scene in Black Swan


43. Mods for Grand Theft Auto



44. Hats


45. Children that know when to stay quiet


46. That first day you "fall back an hour" and get extra sleep


47. Sunshine


48. Bj's (…but which one? *rimshot*)


49. A whole weekend of Ninja Warrior on G4


50. Never holding a political office in a banana republic, where the chances of assassination are high


51. Not having my old gym teacher show up as an alleged pedophile on the news


52. Gas that's less than $4


53. Finally "unsubscribing" from that one Facebook friend you don't know


54. Getting drunk texts


55. Sending drunk texts


56. Having the wherewithal to delete the drunk texts before your girlfriend/boyfriend finds your phone        


57. Sneaking a flask into work


58. The miracle of not being fired because you're drunk on the job


59. Your dad being proud of you


60. Your dad speaking to you


61. Complementary psych evaluations


62. Denny's $2 menu


63. Car crash videos


64. The Fonz



65. Scratching that itch right in the middle of your back…yeah, right there…ahhhh…


66. Historectomy with Christian Krauspe and Sam Weller


67. Having a clean bathroom (bonus points if YOU cleaned it!)


68. A haircut where the lady actually cuts your hair right


69. Body lotions


70. The admiration of your peers


71. Making your peers fear you


72. The country of Japan, for giving us f***ed up cartoons and samurai


73. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, who beat cancer and did cocaine for over 20 years


74. Power naps in the middle of the day


75. Thanksgiving leftovers


76. Geoffrey Golden, whose header image I totally ripped off for this article


77. Love…it's all you need






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