Martin Scorsese to Make a ‘Snowman’

It's about a Norwegian serial killer who... Oh. Maybe we picked the wrong image.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Martin Scorsese doesn't know how to stop. Not that we want him to, but the director of Hugo and Taxi Driver just keeps lining up new movie projects like a set of dominos. Now if only he stop setting them up and actually start knocking them down, we'd be happy. One movie at a time, we guess. In addition to a whole slew of potential projects, like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Five Obstructions (whatever happened to that one, anyway?), the legendary filmmaker has just signed on to direct an adaptation of Jo Nesbo's serial killer thriller The Snowman.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Martin Scorsese had apparently been considering the adaptation for some time, and was awaiting approval from Nesbo himself. Who… apparently had to think about it? Who was he holding out for? Anyway, the screenplay will be adapted by Matthew Michael Carnahan (brother of director Joe Carnahan, who helmed The A-Team and Narc), best known for his work on The Kingdom, the American remake of State of Play and the upcoming zombie epic World War Z.

Nesbo's book is the seventh in his series about detective Harry Hole, whose giggle-inducing name we imagine might get changed in the adaptation process. In The Snowman, Hole tangles with a serial killer in – what else? – a deadly game of cat and mouse. The story kicks off when a boy with a missing mother, who finds her scarf on an ominous snowman that mysteriously appeared in his backyard. Creepy image, no? Scorsese can play that… if he's not too busy making every other movie he's agreed to do. Which is a distinct possibility. He's a busy guy. Nesbo, who will be an executive producer on the feature film adaptation, has agreed to allow Scorsese to change the location of the story, in case Norway ain't Scorsese's bag.

CraveOnline will be back with more Snowman news as soon as The Falcon gets involved.