iMainGo XP – iPad case and speakers

We look at the iMainGo XP iPad case and speaker system.

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iMainGo XP

Ready to have your mind’s blown? Okay, get this: how would you like a protective iPad carrying case and speakers – all in one nifty product? Sweat no more: iMainGo XP is the ultra-portable iPad stereo speaker case. You insert your iPad or iPad 2 into the device, plug it into the speakers – and you’re ready to ROCK. Better yet: therechargeable battery doesn’t drain power from your iPad.

iMainGo XP boosts a “Huge Sound XPlosion.” (Yes, bad spelling for the sake of cool.) iPads provide high resolution and great visuals, but one thing they are lacking is great sound. The system is a compact way to get the most of your video games/movie audio experience.

Here’s a little video demo of the iMainGo XP in action. Since I don’t have an iPad, I used the book, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War to simulate the device. 

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Here’s the skinny on iMainGo XPstats:

  • Four 32mm titanium-coned neodymium high speakers at 5.0 watts per channel for crisp, clean sound.
  • Tuned bass ports for deep rich bass and super-clear highs.
  • 6 hours of battery life.
  • Convenient speaker stand.
  • iMainGo XP case also acts as an iPad stand. It allows you to play and view your iPad or iPad2 inside the protective case.                      
  • A reasonable retail price of $119.99.

iMainGo XP

The one problem I had with the iMain Go XP: I don’t have an iPad 1 or 2. No need to fret; the device works with a product with a headphone jack input; such as my MacBook Pro and my other Apple devices. Except the speaker jack chord is roughly 1 inch long. So to get the most of my MacBook Pro sound, I had to go to Radio Shack and purchase a $10 extension. But once plugged in, I was in the land of amazing sound with tuned bass ports for deep rich bass and super-clear highs. iMain Go XP is a great device with or without an iPad – though best suited for an iPad to enhance your video game and movie watching auditory enjoyment.