A Peek Inside The Chicago Bulls

What the Bulls have and what they lack if this season ever gets started.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Everything with the Bulls starts with their MVP guard Derrick Rose. This 6 ft 3 inch guard slices through defenses like Ginsu knife through some warm Thanksgiving Turkey and is able to both finish with ease himself (25 ppg) and open up shots for his teammates (7.7 APG).  He is clearly the lynchpin to this offense and this team.

Yet with all of Rose’s prowess, the Bulls are going to need more to get over the hump. The essential missing piece to their equation is a 2 guard that can both shoot the rock and play D. They’ve got two guys that can both do one of these things, but unless a Frankenstein like experiment is able to combine Korver’s 3-point shot with Brewer’s solid athletic defense, the Bulls are always left picking between the lesser of two evils. This either leaves them with a weakness on offense or defense.

With the 2011-2012 season getting potentially shorter and shorter, this actually helps the Bulls changes of going deep. One of the Bulls’ weaknesses is their lack of bench play. A shorter season means their starters are less likely to get injured and they can keep their best 5 on the court for minutes. Who knows a shortened season might be just what the Bulls need to help them in the playoffs.

The Bulls also need more development out of Deng’s perimeter game and Boozer’s ability to rotate on D. Both players fit well with the Bulls system, but have weaknesses that do hinder the Bulls at time. Overall, the Bulls are poised to have another good year and possibly a great one if they can get a shortened season to help, but be careful a shortened season helps other teams too like the aging San Antonio Spurs who looked dominant during last seasons regular season before running out of gas in the playoffs.