Looking Good For The Holidays

We have five tips for looking good this holiday season.

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The holidays are a time of reunion and togetherness, and now that the kid years are behind you, it's essential to step up the style and look good this holiday season! Here's a few pointers on looking good for the holidays.


Neckwear: Looking for a shortcut to respect from the grownups across the table? Learn how to tie a tie, and you've already won half the battle. Bonus: A seasonally-appropriate tie is a great conversation starter and tells people you've got a sense of humor.


Dress Pants: No denim! Don't give your loved ones the impression that you're just stopping in on your way to the game – commit to the holiday style with a nice pair of slacks and a belt.


Button-Down: While you're not going for a job interview, a button-down shirt is not only a sign of maturity, it can also be a head-turner for potential romantic interest. You never know what kind of opportunities will arise over the holidays!


Tuck It In!: Step up the classiness by tucking in that shirt. While it may not make that much of a difference to your girlfriend, you'll be amazed at what your girlfriend's parents will deduct from loose shirttails! Best play it safe and keep it snazzy for the holidays.


Footwear: No tennis shoes for the holidays! Polish up your Sunday best and make a respectable impression with grown-up footwear.


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