9 Ridiculously Hard Mario Hacks

Your precious invincibility stars are useless now!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If King Koopa were smart, he’d take a cue from the game hackers who’ve created nearly-impossible-to-beat variations on the Mushroom Kingdom levels we know and love. By adding waves of flying bad guys, frustratingly placed invisible bricks and graphics glitches, these hackers are killing wave upon wave of valiant plumbers.


Super Mario FML

“Pipes used to be helpful, now they want-a to crush me. FML.”


Koopas Gone Wild

A good reason to get your house insured for Koopa Tornados.


Super Mario Cat

You thought question mark blocks were your friends. You thought wrong, Mario Cat.


Super Mario Frustration

Bloopers fly through the air. Seriously, f*** those Bloopers.


Super Unplayable Bros.

Will somebody please blow in the cartridge?


Super Mario World of Pain

Tearing your hair out in 16-bit. (Starts at :44)


The Pit of Death

This is where Mario goes every time he dies.


Super Mario World of Frustration

Looks easy enough when someone plays it for me.


Don’t Look Back

“You can get this one,” Mario tells Luigi.


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