NFL Wrap-Up: Week 12 West Divisions

Quarterback issues prove costly, and beneficially.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Why does it seem nearly every quarterback in the West had an epic ‘fail’ this week? With that in mind, there was some great defenses mashing up against eachother.

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AFC West

Chicago Bears 20
Oakland Raiders 25

Alright Bears fans, take a deep breath. And another….. one more…. Don’t kill Caleb Hanie. Just…. Breathe.
It was a tough day for Jay Cutler’s fill in. Not only did he have 3 interceptions, but he botched the ‘spike’ play with :4 seconds remaining in an attempt to stop the clock by taking an extra step back. The result was an ‘intentional grounding’ call that ended the game.
With passes from Hanie left floating in the air consistently, especially one that resulted in a near 80 yard return for a TD that set up a field goal seconds before half-time, Oakland was given great field position much of the game.
Oakland racked up a team record six field goals in this one.
Fun filled stat of the game: Oakland’s Shane Lechler had an 80 yard punt. Ya, those help too.

Denver Broncos 16         (OT)
San Diego Chargers 13

Yup, Tebow wins again. But this one was about more than just Tebow. Even though he did have a better passing rating (95.4) than San Diego’s Philip Rivers.
The Chargers had their chance. Nick Novak missed a 53 yarder in overtime that would have capped the win. The Broncos responded on their 3rd OT possession with a 37 yard game winner from kicker, Matt Prater.
This was a rushing attack to its core. Willis McGahee had 117 yards on the ground, and the Charger’s Ryan Mathews had 137 yards. Tebow had 67 yards himself, which was….(see below)
Fun stat of the game: Tebow had 22 carries, most in any NFL game for a QB since 1950.
Pittsburgh Steelers 13
Kansas City Chiefs 9

The Chiefs cannot wait to start Kyle Orton. At least that’s my assumption.
Quarterback Tyler Palko was dreadful again on Sunday, giving up the ball four times (3 INT’s, 1 Fumble). Orton arrived on Friday so he simply wasn’t ready to ‘compete for the quarterback job,’ as KC has put it. I think it’s a safe bet he’ll start next week.
Roethlisberger seemed to have played just fine with a broken thumb, completing 21 out of 31 attempts and tossing for a TD.
Troy Polamalu left early in the game with a head injury, most likely a concussion.
Fun stat of the game: KC has only scored one TD since October 31st against San Diego.

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals 23
St. Louis Rams 20

St. Louis cannot stop anyone on the ground. Or, possibly anyone, period, for that matter. But it’s the rushing game that’s turning out eye popping numbers, in regards to their opponents.
Beanie Wells rushed for an incredible (by Beanie standards) 228 yards in this one, just weeks after St.Louis allowed Cowboy, rookie, DeMarco Murray to run 257 yards. Maybe Wells is just that good? Maybe…. Did I say Maybe?
Arizona sure is lucky they had Beanie in this one, because John Skelton sure was *(sarcasmic tone) solid . (sarcasmic = even one step further than being regular ole’ sarcastic) Skelton was 12/23 with 114 yards in and 2 INT’s.
Patrick Peterson is the Rams’ nightmare however. Returning yet another punt return for a score, tying the NFL record with his 4th this season. The Ram’s Nick Miller had one as well.
Fun stat of the game: This was the first game in NFL history in which both teams returned an 80+ yard punt for a TD.

Washington Redskins 23
Seattle Seahawks 17

Leave it to Seattle to blow a 10 point 4th quarter lead. The Seahawks led this one 17-7, but watched it slip away in front of a home crowd. Rex Grossman, major props in this one.
Grossman connected with Anthony Armstrong mid-way through the 4th quarter for a 50 yard touchdown; and on 3rd and 19 to boot. The game-winning TD came with 6:18 remaining and gave Washington a 20-17 advantage.
This win snapped a six game losing skid for the ‘Skins.
Roy Helu also had a stellar day. The rookie rushed for 108 yards.

Game of the Week

San Francisco 49ers 6 (Thursday Night)
Baltimore Ravens 16

Baltimore takes the win in the first ever ‘Harbough Bowl,’ the first matchup between two brother head coaches in NFL history. There wasn’t a lot of action in this one, aside from Baltimore’s John Harbough getting doused with the Gatorade bucket after the game, twice.
It’s the Niner’s first loss since Week 2 against Dallas. It’s hard to win when your quarterback gets sacked 9 times. *(Ferris Bueller’s mom voice) Nine times? (Rooney voice) Niiiiiinnne times. Alex Smith. I’m sure you’re wanting a day off about right now.
Arguably the top defensive squads in the NFL,  there was only one major drive in this game, which culminated into a 4th quarter touchdown pass from Joe Flacco to Dennis Pitta. Dennis who? Exactly.
Frank Gore had only 39 yards rushing, while Ray Rice only pumped in 59 yards on 21 carries.
Terrell Suggs was an absolute monster with 3 sacks and a forced fumble. Big time play from a team missing Ray Lewis with a foot injury.
Fun stat of the game: San Fran still hasn’t allowed a rushing touchdown all season.
Offensive Player Of The Week 

Beanie Wells (RB) Arizona – 228 Yards, TD

Defensive Player Of The Week

Terrell Suggs (LB) Baltimore – 3 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 FF  
Division Standings
AFC West
Oakland Raiders 7-4
Denver Broncos 6-5
Kansas City Chiefs 4-7
San Diego Chargers 4-7
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers 9-2
Seattle Seahawks 4-7
Arizona Cardinals 4-7
St. Louis Rams 2-9


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