10 Goofiest Hologram Glasses

Wanna look like a goofball... from the future?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Holograms are awesome. Whether they’re in a sci-fi movie, on an ID card or a Marvel comic book cover from 1994, I can’t get enough holograms. Except in glasses form. I’m not sure why you’d want to wear holograms on your face, but apparently there’s a whole industry based around that pressing consumer demand. Feast your eyes on the fanciest eyewear Spencer’s Gifts has to offer…



Grrrrrr-owl! [via]



I hope if there’s life on other planets, they’re wearing equally ridiculous human face hologram glasses, just so we’re not the only assholes in the universe. [via]


Money Symbols

If you had any money, you wouldn’t be wearing these. [via]



“Now they have to let me into their motorcycle gang!” [via]


Jesus Christs

Proselytize in threeeee-deeeeee! [via]


Lizard Eyes

Mutate yourself on a budget. [via]


Smiley Faces

Eye-smiling is way better than mouth-smiling. [via]


Marijuana Plants

Get these glasses, put up a centerfold from High Times on your wall, memorize every line from Half Baked and suddenly you have an instant personality just in time for college. Yay! [via]


Texas Hold’ems

These are the lucky glasses of so many suckers. [via]


Middle Fingers

Okay, yes – but I also might buy a pair of these. [via]


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