You Might Be A Skyrim Serial Killer If…

… you store heads in a cupboard.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Welcome to Creepsville, population YouTube user symixable. We’ve seen a good number of awesome (and hilarious) Skyrim videos since the game launched, but this one takes a turn towards the darker realm of creativity. We feel this video is an accurate representation of what a serial killer’s home would look like in the medieval world of Skyrim, and as you would expect, it’s quite creepy (the music doesn’t help).

It's maybe even more disturbing that the video is labeled "Skyrim sex life."…

As a word of warning, we suggest you leave the lights on for this one. Also, it might be wise to check your closet to make sure no one is in there with an axe ready to jump out and murder you before you click play on the below video. Cheers!

[Thanks to Game Informer for the heads-up on this one!]