Kinect 2 in the Works, Can Lip Read and Determine Emotional States

Judgment day is one step closer to happening...

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The general consensus amongst the Crave Gaming crew is that the Microsoft Kinect really isn’t that great. The technology making up the guts of the device might be ingenious, but the peripheral’s true potential has yet to be reached in the realm of gaming. But even if we’re not the biggest Kinect fans in the world, that hasn’t stopped the thing from selling like gangbusters.

We predicted the Kinect would fail miserably, and now we’re eating some serious crow. It tastes awful, by the way.

In fact, the Kinect has sold well enough to justify Microsoft pushing forward with a follow-up, aptly titled the “Kinect 2,” at least for right now. According to a report at Eurogamer, the Kinect follow-up will feature improved motion control and facial recognition, including the ability to read lips and determine users’ emotional states. It may even be able to sync up menstrual cycles (for the ladies in the crowd), but that remains to be determined…

How does the Kinect 2 manage to perform all these magical feats of techno-wizardry? Well, the Kinect 2 supposedly connects to the Xbox 360 without the need for USB, which allows for faster, more efficient data transferring, resulting in a higher resolution camera and less data lag. Sounds good to us.

The end is nigh… Prepare accordingly.