Farve To Houston, I Don’t Think So

With Houston down two QB's now, will they turn to the retired Favre?

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

You know, you almost have to feel sorry for the Houston Texans. It's not bad enough that you have to deal with a smorgasbord of injuries to your star players, including losing your starting QB for the season, but just when you were getting yourself used to the idea of the questionable Matt Leinart taking over your team, you lose him possibly for the season to injury.

Taking the reigns of the potentially playoff bound Texans on Sunday, Leinart didn't even last a half as the Jaguars pounded him down. More specifically, he was hit by defensive end Jeremy Mincy late in the second quarter, breaking his collarbone and ending his season, though Houston hasn't officially ruled him out yet.

"There's a pretty strong possibility I probably won't be coming back this season," Leinart said. "It's pretty disappointing. It's tough to swallow, but we'll just move forward. Everything that's happened to me, this was a great opportunity. … It's unfortunate, but I'm not going to give up. It's not my nature. I'll just keep moving forward and figure this thing out one step at a time.”

With both Leinart and Shaub potentially done for the season, that means that third string QB T.J. Yates is the new man behind center in Houston, something that doesn't inspire confidence in Texans fans. In fact, the QB news is so dire in Houston that the rumors are already swirling that they might potentially go after the freshly retired Brett Favre to lead them into the playoffs.

But should they go after him, and more importantly, should he consider it?

For the Texans, they can't be happy knowing they are down to a third string QB in a season that was basically gift-wrapped for them to make the playoffs. As it is right now, they should still win the division but without a reliable QB, there chances of getting past the first week of the playoffs is very slim. Somehow securing a veteran like Favre this late in the season would be a miracle if they could pull it off and would elevate their potential playoff stock greatly.

For Favre, this would be a perfect opportunity to amend a poor final season and add to his already substantial legacy. That is, if he is willing and in shape to play and if the Texans actually inquire about his availability.

The Texans comes with a lot of offensive firepower that would be tempting for any QB who wanted to play. They have an explosive running game, a solid line, and a stud receiver who is one of the best in the game. The only downside, however, is that they play in the AFC which features teams like the Steelers, Ravens and Patriots; all of whom is still considered better than Houston.

There is no telling what Houston, or Favre for that matter, will do at this point of the year but one thing is for certain, something needs to be done and done fast.