Newest Hot Looks In Baseball

Many teams are transforming their look for 2012.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Seems like everyone is revamping their fashion sense these days in a ‘retro’ kind of way, and baseball is definitely joining that club.  In the past couple of weeks, there have been a whopping five different ball clubs that have had a fresh face-lift on their unis. I give a giant thumbs-up anytime you see a team go retro, and that’s the direction many teams have decided to go this off season.

No one has done it bigger and bolder than the Miami Marlins, who had a fashion show last week in their brand new ballpark downtown to showcase their new, hot, “Miami Vice”- like look.

It’s definitely not the ‘Florida’ Marlins of old, getting rid of their basic black and teal with the embroidered, more detailed marlin stretching across the jersey. The new look also features an all-orange, alternate jersey.

It’s obvious the team is really looking for a new direction in order to attract a better fan base. Funny to think what they could accomplish with more fans equaling more money, considering they already have two World Series titles under that ‘buy everyone up and dump them the next year because we really can’t afford them’ method.

Another big winner here is the Toronto Blue Jays, who have gone back to their old Blue Jay logo with a little renovation, most notably adding the red maple leaf, signifying the only team still in Canada. I absolutely love the look of these jerseys.

They’ve gone back to their 1993 roots, when they won their last World Series, and are donning the full-out royal blue once again.

Another huge winner is the Baltimore Orioles. Not only are they sporting the full-on orange jerseys in 2012, but they are bringing back the cartoon oriole on their caps again, something they haven’t done since winning their World Series championships in the 1970’s. I’m seeing a trend here…..

The Mets are simplifying things too, going back to their cream colored home jerseys, and getting rid of the black back-drop on the lettering which includes their alternate uniforms.

And finally, the ‘fathers’, aka Padres, have tweeked a few small details on their jerseys, going with more bold fonts and adding contrasting ‘pipe’ trim. Here is one jersey below.

In the end it’s always better to go retro. Not only does it look amazing, but heck, you could even argue that teams play better. Look at the Rays and Diamondbacks after making huge changes in their looks in the past decade. Could we see a Marlins vs. Orioles World Series in 2012?? Ok, I won’t go that far…… I will still be crossing my fingers though, waiting for the White Sox to wear their red, white and blues of the Harold Baines / Carlton Fisk days, and for the Cardinals to sport the powder blue unis of the 80’s that remind me of The Wizard.