Michelle Forbes Re-signs With ‘The Killing’ For Season 2

Mitch Larsen will return to discover her daughter's killer in the new season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

When "The Killing" infamously finished its first season without revealing who really killed Rosie Larsen, Michelle Forbes' Mitch Larsen was last seen leaving her children and her husband behind for parts unknown. 

But according to TVLine, Forbes has signed a new deal with AMC to reprise her role as Mitch Larsen as a series regular in the second season of "The Killing."

Forbes has had a number of memorable roles on genre television, including Ensign Ro Laren on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Admiral Helena Cain on "Battlestar Galactica," Maryann Forrester in the second season of "True Blood" and Miranda Zero in the unaired "Global Frequency" pilot in addition to appearances on "Lost," "The Outer Limits," "Alias" and "24."

In features, Forbes has starred or costarred in "Kalifornia," "Escape From L.A." and "Love Bites," among many others.

The report on TVLine also contains character breakdowns for two major additions to the cast: a clean-cut Police detective in his 50s named Lt. Carlson and Alexi, a young adult fresh out of the foster system who may be tied to the Rosie Larsen case or the second murder case that is expected to unfold during the second season of "The Killing."

"The Killing" will begin production on its second season next month, with a season premiere expected to drop on AMC in April 2012.

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