10 Kickass Santa’s

He’s making a hit list and checking it twice.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ho ho – whoa! This year, Santa Claus has got an attitude. Maybe it’s because the milk he gets is always sour, or perhaps Mrs. Claus keeps badgering him about moving to Florida. Whatever happened, Santa has officially snapped. Here’s video and photographic evidence that St. Nick has officially gone rogue:


Shirtless Santa

“You want these presents? Come and get ‘em, asshole!” [via]


Barbarian Santa

“All that's left of these cookies are crums! CRUMS!” [via]


Biker Santa

“Traded my reindeer for a hog. Best day of my life.” [via]


Anime Santa

“I’ve got your Pokemon right here. And by ‘Pokemon,’ I mean my giant fists.” [via]


Santa With Muscles

“This one’s for all the little Santamaniacs out there!”


Tattooed Santa

“These are from holiday mascot prison.” [via]


AK-47 Santa

“Looks like I've got a little toy of my own.” [via]


Combat Zone Santa

“Guess which list you terrorists are on.” [via]


Elf Murdering Santa

“You don’t have to make any more wooden trains if you don't want to, Dimples.” [via]


Robot Santa

“Ho ho ho! It’s time to get jolly on your naughty asses!”


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