FIRST LOOK: The Lizard in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Well, okay, it's your second look if you saw the Comic Con footage...

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

With all the brouhaha about The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers it seems like everyone's forgotten about the Amazing Spider-Man reboot. The film comes out in less than a year – on July 3, 2012 to be exact – and enthusiasm seems relatively low. Not a good sign. Maybe that'll change with this (low-res) preview image of The Lizard, making his first public appearance after a few brief glimpses at Comic Con 2012. Or… maybe not.


Our first reaction upon seeing this version of The Lizard – the first live-action interpretation of the character, at least in monster form – is… Wow, he looks a lot like Killer Croc from Batman: The Animated Series, doesn't he? Oh sure, he's green (it's not easy being that), and he has a tale, but all told this feels like a very conventional character design. The kind of thing they could have created in a makeup chair instead of with super-expensive CGI. Not bad, just not overwhelmingly awesome. What are your thoughts?

The image comes courtesy of (via JoBlo).