Sol Republic Tracks Headphones

How do the new Tracks headphones from Sol Republic sound? Find out here.

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SOL Republic Tracks Headphones

Sound has never given me such a woody. (I guess they call that an eargasm.) Walking through the dirty Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco with my Sol Republic Tracks firmly cushioned on my ears – transcends me into another world of thumping bass and drums. As I step over scruffy men asking for spare change while passing alleys that smell like pee, the only sounds I can her are those coming out of my smartphone; delivered via my ultra- soothing headphones. In between tracks, its sounds like being in an airtight room without extraneous noise – even though I’m in the heart of dirty downtown SF. Be prepared for sound that’s fully loaded, with deep bass and vocal clarity.

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Not only that, but the Sol Republic Tracks are outrageously comfortable. The design is soothing to the head – without any of that bothersome sliding problem that could get in the way of your listening enjoyment; just a nice snug fit. For easy dismount, the headphone jacks unplug from each headphone can. I like the classic black look; wearing these puppies makes me feel like a 1960’s sci-fi perception of what the future would look like from their perspective.

Sol Republic Tracks comes with a volume rocker right in the middle of the audio cables; conveniently to increase and decrease the volume. For people, like myself, who like listening to music off their smartphone, if a call comes in while rocking out all you have to do is tap the middle button on the audio cable once to receive calls – and let the cord’s microphone do the rest. Better yet: double tap the button to redial the last number dialed.

Even better: this baby runs for roughly $100 and has enough monster sound to make any audiophile happy as a smooth-listening clam. “Sol” by the way stands for “Soundtrack of Life.”