Watch Us Play: Rayman Origins

Joey and Mike spend time in this gorgeous platformer.

Joey Davidson & Mike Whiteby Joey Davidson & Mike White

Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins, we're convinced, is destined to be one of the hidden gems of 2011's gaming season. Were it not for the complete torrent of stellar gaming releases this year, Rayman Origins may have stood a better shot at sticking out just a little more than it has.

So, Mike White and I (Joey Davidosn) decided to give this game a little love in the form of a Watch Us Play segment. Our hope is to show you a spectacular platformer that's well worth your time and scratch.

Watch us play Rayman Origins in HD.

Once you're finished with the inane amount of games that released this year, take a few and play Rayman Origins. It's a splendid time.

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