BORED TO DEATH 3.08 ‘Nothing I Can’t Handle by Running Away’

When Jonathan is threatened, only George and the League of Rays can save him.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "Nothing I Can't Handle by Running Away"

Writer: Jonathan Ames

Director: Adam Bernstein

Last week on "Bored To Death," Jonathan Ames (Jason Schwartzman) met Rose Hiney (Isla Fisher), the girl of his dreams. She was beautiful, smart and also a much better detective than he is.

Oh yes… and Rose is also his sister. After already kissing and sleeping with Rose, Jonathan discovered that Harry Bergeron (Stacy Keach) is his sperm donor father. Jonathan and Rose were both looking for their respective donors from a sperm bank owned (and burned down) by Harry. But as Harry explained to Jonathan, he was the only donor to save costs. And he was quite proud of Jonathan and his sister.

Aside from the unintentional incest, Jonathan was also weirded out by his sleaze of a father, who was neither Jewish nor the genius he was led to believe. In fact, Harry was something of an accomplished con man, working on the opposite side of the law from Jonathan. Well… that's putting it too strongly, since most of Jonathan's cases are quasi-legal at best.

Heeding the advice of his friend, Ray Hueston (Zach Galifianakis); Jonathan decides to give Harry another chance. He finds his old man just as Harry is planning to skip town to escape some loan sharks. But as a parting gift, Harry gives Jonathan an old revolver and ushers him out of his store when some goons and their boss come to collect on Harry's debt.

Jonathan follows them deep into Coney Island and to save Harry's life, Jonathan pulls his new gun on them… which quickly falls apart in his hand. But before the goons can kill father and son, Harry offers to get them the money if they spare them. However, the smile on Harry's face made it seem like he had no intention of coming back now that Jonathan was there to be his fall guy.

So, Jonathan called the only real father figure he had, George Christopher (Ted Danson); who immediately dropped everything to save Jonathan. Which brings us back to Ray, who has been my least favorite character on the entire series. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about Galifianakis' character that makes him so unappealing. But part of it may be his complete lack of self-awareness.

And yet, in a room full of fans dressed like Ray's self-aggrandizing superhero, Super Ray; the real Ray is right at home. Hell, he seems normal and well adjusted compared to the people that idolize his cock wielding superhero so closely that one of them blurts out that he knew Super Ray was real! In all honesty, neither Ray or his comic are exactly good ambassadors for geek culture. But as a ridiculous team of people wearing variations of the same costume? It totally worked.

The assembled Super Rays even volunteer to come with the original to save Jonathan. And at first, the goons and their boss are taken aback by the so-called superheroes… until they remember that they have the guns. At this, the Super Rays run for their lives until one of their number trips… and the real Ray finds it within himself to go back for his comrade. Other than that, all of the Rays are pretty useless in combat.

Fortunately, Jonathan proves to be a really good shot when he finally gets a hold of a gun and he shoots the weapons out of the goons' hands. Check that, Jonathan is almost impossibly good with a gun.

An almost happy ending to the situation is marred by Jonathan's knowledge that Harry abandoned him to die. But as soon as Jonathan leaves with his friends, Harry actually shows up with the money. How about that? The human slime ball has a heart. However, it may be too late to save his relationship with Jonathan.

Later, at a wedding party for George's daughter Emily (Halley Feiffer) and her ridiculously older husband Bernard (David Rasche). Jonathan finds himself in his sister's arms, as he can't bring himself to tell Rose the truth. He even kisses her again!

Henceforth Jonathan Ames shall be known as Jonathan Lannister. And a Lannister always pays his debts!

That's kind of a weird place to leave a lead character, stuck in a romantic relationship with his own sister. Sure, Rose is drop dead gorgeous. But.. That's. His. Sister.

The only thing that would make it creepier is if Jason Gann guest starred as Wilfred and also displayed sexual interest in Rose. Yes, that's right, "Bored To Death" has gone as far as it can with incest. Beastiality is clearly the next step.

Overall, there were some definite funny parts in the third season of "Bored To Death." But Jonathan's quest for his father seems to have knocked the series away from his private investigator hijinks that carried the show through the first two seasons. If "Bored To Death" returns for a fourth season, it needs to get back  to basics. Let's see Jonathan and his friends solving random and bizarre crimes… maybe without screwing his sister this time.

Just a suggestion…

Crave Online Rating: 7 out of 10.